The 40 and 8

The 40 and 8

The 40/8 (pronounced as the 40 & 8) is an invitation-only honor society formed in 1920 followed World War 1. Originally part of the American Legion, the 40/8 has since become an independent veteran's association.

The 40/8, denoted as the numbers 40 over 8 and enclosed in a triangle represents the experience of soldiers who were stationed at the front lines in France during WW1. 

The soldiers were moved to the front-line trenches in cramped, uncomfortable boxcars that made for a miserable, rough ride to the trenches. The boxcars had stencils of 40/8 on them, denoting that either 40 men or 8 horses would fit inside. 

This experience was such a misery that identifying other soldiers who had experienced this with you gave a sense of solidarity and support. As a result, the 40/8 group formed after WW1 ended to provide continued support and sense of community to veterans. 

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